First there was Stew…

Before I begin, let me fill in a few details.  🙂

My Dad has many hobbies.  One of them includes breeding and/or raising various animals.  Two years ago was the year of the rabbit.  😀

At the time I still was living in my 2-bedroom apartment with a friend of mine as my roommate.  I was visiting dear ol’ Dad who was showing me his assortment of rabbits.  And there was this cute little black bunny off in a cage by himself.  At the time I didn’t particularly have any feelings, good or bad, towards the furry little creatures.  Sure, they were kinda cute.  But I had never considered owning one.  

I guess a family contacted my Dad and they wanted two rabbits.  Well, it just so happens they picked out two male rabbits.  Of course they weren’t as willing to co-habitate as the family had hoped for.  They were constantly attacking and trying to kill each other(Men… what can you do?).  Needless to say, one of the rabbits was returned.  My Dad promptly named him Stew and then convinced me to take him home with me.  After consulting with my roommate, I agreed. 

Owning a rabbit turned out to be a lot different than I would have thought.  I had mistakenly assumed it would be like having a hamster or some other small rodent that would live happily in its cage and I would be responsible for making sure it had food and water.  Simple enough. 

Well folks, there’s a little bit more to owning a rabbit.  First of all, you would not believe how much they POOP.  I swear, Stew was a poop factory.  I’m not sure how it worked… but he somehow managed to turn a handful of food into a bucketful of poop.  It is ridiculous!  I’m pretty sure it defies the laws of physics.  Luckily for me, I was able to put a liter pan and some liter in his cage and he litter-trained himself.  That made cleanup significantly easier.  Problem solved… more or less.

Problem two… my conscience… Sure, it was all cute when I would come in from work and call out the cute little “Bunny I’m  home” greeting then see his big dark eyes looking up at me from his cage.  After a few months he had grown quite a bit more.  He looked so cramped in there.  A larger cage was ridiculously expensive, so I let the crafty genius in me take charge.   First I bought him a little harness that had an attached leash.  I figured I could walk(or hop?) him around on the grassy area outside my apartment.  So I picked him up, put it on him.  He glared at me.  I swear!  He started kicking and flipping out more than I’ve ever seen him do.  So I quickly removed it and placed him back in his cage where he refused to even look at me for 3 days.  Perhaps he didn’t like the red color I picked out?  Or I suppose it could have been too tight.  The package said it was for his size, but he MAY have gotten just the slightest bit chubby in our care… 

So with the harness idea out the window, we devised another plan.  With the careful use of baby gates I was able to corral him using the kitchen and laundry room area.  I figured this area was probably the safest for him since it was free of exposed cords and other things he could chew on.  Problem two solved…. or so I thought. 

For quite some time things had run smoothly.  Until…..

It began in the middle of the night.  I was sleeping peacefully and I heard a THUD…. THUD…. THUD…. I looked around… a bit confused.  Now, my roommate and I had gone out to our local watering hole earlier that night so we were slightly intoxicated.  Add to that the fact that my eyesight is sooooo bad that I’m blind without my contacts.  I didn’t have a pair of glasses to put on, so I’m just blindly looking around wondering what I’m hearing.  Then I see it!

There was just enough light from the moon and the lights in the parking lot to confirm that I wasn’t crazy and hearing imaginary noises.  There was a small (blurry) black figure against the tan carpet on the floor at the foot of my bed.  I stumble out of bed and go to grab the little bugger that so generously woke me up from my slumber. 

As it turns out…. Rabbits are fast.

Stew had a grand time!  He was dashing about, around and under the kitchen chairs and table.  He would hide behind the rocking chairs and dart out of reach at the last possible second.  It was the ultimate game of “you can’t catch me!”  Afterall, what could possibly be more entertaining than an intoxicated, blind, sleepy 20-something year old girl chasing a black rabbit around a dark apartment?  That’s right!  TWO intoxicated, sleepy, 20-somethings chasing a black rabbit around the apartment.  My roommate had come out of her room to see what the commotion was about.  

After she finished laughing at me, we were able to combine forces and corner him.  We put him back on his side of the gate and put a kitchen chair in front of the gate to discourage him from hopping over again, then headed off to bed. 

The next morning, our living/dining room was quite a sight.  Things had been knocked over, the lone casualty, a book, had been nibbled to death.  Thankfully he hadn’t decided to litter the apartment w/ little surprises for us to find.

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