Baby substitute

The fall of 2010 until the summer of 2011 is a timeframe I lovingly refer to as “the time of the stork.”  During this time, my baby itch was particularly strong.  It has been a chronic condition that I’ve had for the past 5 – 6 years or so.  It usually flares up only about once a year.  However, the time of the stork multiplied my symptoms to nearly unbearable levels.  Several members of my friends and family were bringing their little bundles of joy into the world.  As happy as I was for them, I must admit that I was just as equally jealous. 

I battled the urges as much as I possibly could.  It was weighing heavily on me, and something that Jason and I talked about on more than a few occasions.  Much to my dismay, he was very certain that he wasn’t ready to father another child. 

I tried to find ways to distract myself from the constant tugging on my uterus.  One thing that seemed to do the trick was browsing through the local animal shelter websites.  I started to consider volunteering.  I had previously volunteered to assist a good friend of mine coach a girl’s youth soccer team and found it to be very rewarding.  However, browsing through the animal shelter sites pained my heart.  I knew it would be nearly impossible for me to volunteer there.  Seeing all of the animals ended up tugging on my heart-strings more than I anticipated.  I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to save them all. 

Then I had a brilliant idea!

I brought up the idea of rescuing another dog with Jason.  He said that if we got anymore dogs, that they couldn’t be male.  And we couldn’t just get one female because they would fight over her (we’ve seen this every time we dog-sit Jason’s mother’s husky/malamute female).  So he said the only way it would work is if we adopted two girls. 

I agreed.

Well apparently, that was not the response he was expecting.  He was bluffing.  He didn’t think I would ever agree to having 4 dogs, so he thought I would just surrender and find some other antidote to my baby-fever. 


I called animal control shortly after the conversation to see if there were any restrictions on pet ownership in my city.  Afterall, 4 dogs and a rabbit are a lot of animals.  I didn’t want to get in trouble.  As it turns out, in Meridian Idaho, you can legally only have three dogs per household within the city limits.  I inform Jason of this new development.  He takes the opportunity to attempt to strengthen the argument of not getting any more dogs by pointing out the fact that we don’t have a vehicle large enough to transport three dogs and his son.  He also argues that with three dogs, there wouldn’t be any room for us on our queen-sized bed during movie time since it was already so crowded. 

Okay, valid points I suppose.

I guess this is where normal people would give up.

Not me.  I was determined.  If I couldn’t have a baby, then I was going to at least save one more dog from being put down. 

So I marched Jason right down to the furniture store and we bought a king-sized bed to show that I was serious.  We than began our search for our next rescue. 

We had a few dogs picked out.  We packed up the boys and headed over to the shelter to meet them.  Once we got there, we discovered that one of the dogs had been misplaced and the other didn’t get along with our boys.  We had one final dog to check out.  A young female lab. 

She met the boys and they didn’t seem to hate each other.  So we ended up adopting her and naming her Sage….. for about a week.

Turns out she is quite the lunatic.  She is extremely vocal, pounces and bounces like a cat, and when she walks, her tail wags with such enthusiasm, that she looks like a fish trying to swim upstream.  Sage seemed like a name for a much calmer dog.  So after careful consideration, we dubbed her Luna the Tuna.  She’s been a happy pup in our home and loves terrorizing the boys.  Her first month with us was touch and go, but now we couldn’t imagine not having her. 

Also, as a side note, I did agree that we should go out and buy a vehicle that can actually fit all of us comfortably, so we did.  I let Jason pick it out, and he did pretty well, finding something that I liked too. 

The baby-itch seems to have dissipated for now… and for the slight, occasional flare-ups, I can usually find a baby to play with for a few hours to satisfy the hunger.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Baby substitute

    1. I haven’t Kristine. I’m hoping to get on a 4×10 shift at work soon so that would give me an extra day off. I really want to get back into volunteering.. it’s just hard to find the time.

  1. Seems your zest for naming animals is about like mine haha. One dog is akc registered as Jean Vaughn de Pierre and I named the other Piddles von Puddlestein…or just Vaughn and Pid. At least the dogs are always into something, so you can never say there isn’t something to clean up or be doing

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