Small town vs. the city

Jason and Jayden came into my life while I was working on buying my first home.  As a result, there are certain things that I think about now, that I didn’t necessarily consider then. 

For example, I wanted a home with 3 bedrooms so I could have a guest room, and an office.  Well the office became Jayden’s room and I ended up renting out my guest room for a while.  Which was fine, because I didn’t have a dire need for an office at the time.  Then I got a position where I work from a home office.  So after the roommates moved out, I converted the guest room to an office.  Now I have no guest room.  :-S  I suppose that’s a tolerable thing.  If people come to stay then we have a few air mattresses… or if Jayden isn’t with us at the time they can sleep in there.  So it’s still workable.

The other thing I’ve been thinking of a lot lately… is my childhood.  When I was a child, we would run around the neighborhood, riding bikes, exploring, etc.  But I grew up in a town with a mere 1000-1200 people.  Small in comparison to where I live now, in a city with over 75,000 in a metropolitan area that is home to about 616,500 people.  So the thought of letting Jayden run wild is a bit terrifying.  Granted, he’s only 4 right now… so that’s not something that’s going to be allowed ’til he’s older (30 sounds good, right?). 

I’m not sure if it’s the amount of people here, or just that times have changed… but I can’t imagine just telling him “be home by dinner” or “be home before it gets dark.”  When I was a child, these both were acceptable requests.  I never really got into trouble and the town seemed relatively safe. 

So naturally, I’m debating that in 2ish years, selling my home and moving back to a smaller town.  Since I work from home, my location doesn’t matter as much.  As long as Jason would be able to find work, or be within a reasonable driving distance, it should all be fine.  But I like my home, and I enjoy living in a larger city… not to mention the real estate market may not improve by then.  I guess I will see what happens as time goes on.  And who knows?  It may be the same no matter where we live.  Perhaps if I make a list….

Pros of living in the city
More available activities
More education options
Already own a house here
More work opportunities

Pros of living in a small town
Less Dangerous (traffic, etc)
Less crime
Close knit community
I think I turned out pretty good
More bang for your buck as far as real estate goes

I guess I will just see where time takes us.  And who knows… maybe I’ll end up with an office job again someday and I’ll have a guest bedroom again.  (Unless a baby comes into the picture lol)

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