Itchin’ for Spring!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this “winter” has been such a tease!  It hasn’t been very cold and there has been a serious lack in the snow department.  Normally, I wouldn’t mind.  However, now that my garden is set up in the back yard, I’m going stir crazy! 

All I can think about is what I’m going to plant this year, the layout that I’m going to use, and how I’m going to design our now vacant front flower bed.  I know what I want everything to look like in my head, it’s just transforming the idea into reality that always proves slightly difficult. 

Since my salsa and ketchup turned out to be such a hit, I’m seeing a lot of tomato plants in my future.  We tried corn last year, and it didn’t grow very well.  So I think I may try green beans this year instead of the corn.  I also considered a jalapeno plant or two.  Perhaps I’ll plant some onions as well.  I brought my strawberry plants from last year inside.  They’ve continued to make yummy strawberries for us!    I’m also trying my hand at growing a pineapple bush.  😀

All of that combined with our peach tree, raspberry and blackberry bushes, hopefully will give us a delicious harvest. 

Unfortunately, I have to sit here and wait for it to warm up some more.  It would be horrible to plant everything just to have winter finally hit, or a have a big freeze wipe it all out.  For now, I will continue to sit here and stare longingly out the window, dreaming of warm weather and homegrown food. 


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