Excited for Spring!

We’ve moved into the rainy part of the year…. this has made me even more anxious for summer to arrive. 

This year, we’re growing a variety of tomatoes, since we can them in so many ways.  We’re also growing green beans, onions, bell peppers, strawberries and cucumbers.  We’re going to try grapes again this year… hopefully we’ll have better luck.  We’re going to plant them further away from the black walnut tree since we think that’s a big part of what killed them. 

Some of my seedlings are already sprouting!  I feel so proud when they manage to start poking up above the soil.  (I’m a nerd that way.)

Also, the two pineapple plants I’ve regrown are still doing really great!  Next time I get a pineapple that shows potential I’ll post a blog on how you can regrow your own! 

Jason’s attached the arbor to our garden fence.  Next will be building the gate.  I can’t wait for it to be done!!

Since we’ve moved into the house we’ve been doing one big project every year.  This year, we were trying to figure out what we could do that wouldn’t exceed the amount we have in our home improvements fund.  We are paying down a lot of things and didn’t want to finance anything else. 

We were toying around with ideas yesterday about what we could do that would be within our budget.  I think we’ve decided on another outdoors project!  So far our plan is to finish staining the garden fence as soon as it’s warm enough… then we want to stain the deck and the privacy wall in our courtyard!  I think it will really freshen things up and bring the yard together.  🙂  We also have top-secret plans to do something else for the deck that we suspect will be completely awesome!   I’ll be sure to post about that project when we get to it. 

I hope all of your spring/summer projects are getting off to a good start!

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