How Your Facebook Group Is Hurting Your Business

You’ve started a new business and you’re excited!

You love the products and you’re eager to start seeing those dollars roll in.  With Facebook’s war on pages you think to yourself “I’ll just create a group instead!”  Then you add 300+ of your closest friends into your group and start posting.

Chances are, if you take the steps above, you’ll get more animosity than sales.  Here’s why:

People don’t like to have things forced upon them.  This is especially true for consumers.  The great thing about being a consumer in the US is the HUGE variety of goods and services and the fact that the consumer gets to pick and choose what they want.

Say you’re in the market for some new jeans.  You go to the mall and you’re walking around.  A door opens, an arm reaches out and pulls you in.  You suddenly find yourself in a small, dark room full of jeans, wondering what just happened.  While the items you were searching for are all around you, most people are still wondering why the heck they were just abducted and taken somewhere that they didn’t choose to go.  I know if I were thrown, without consent, into a room full of jeans, the jeans would be the last thing on my mind.  I would want to get out of there.

Groups are the virtual equivalent of this tactic.  And, unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common.

I’ve seen posts from people commenting that they’ve had to remove themselves from several groups a day.  The frustration compounds with each group that someone is added to.  People become more and more irate at the fact that they’ve been added against their will into your group.


Instead… try this…

Try creating a Facebook Fan Page.  Facebook does not want you to use groups for businesses.  Plus, pages have the ability to reach beyond your group of friends and family.  The key to having a successful page is creating quality content that people will want to share.  (Stay tuned for a post on this later on).

However, if you feel like you must go with a group page instead, here are a few tips to help keep your customers happy and engaged.

  • Have a conversation before you add them to the group.

I’m not talking about sending a group message to everyone on your friends list telling them about your group… people don’t like that either.  Have a one on one conversation letting them know what the group is and then ask them if they would like to be added.  Don’t spam them a huge paragraph and don’t send a link.  Both of these things cue the “ignore” feature in people’s brains.  Keep it short and sweet.  Also remember that people are more likely to say yes if you actually have a relationship with them.  Have a conversation about THEM and not your business.  Then, when it naturally comes up, ask them if they would like to be added to your group.

  • Respect your customers

Don’t spam the group constantly.  The activity in your group should nicely compliment their Facebook feed, not dominate it.  If your group is too spammy, they will probably unfollow it and forget about it.

If you have posts that encourage your groupies to invite other people, make sure they speak with them first.  If they add without asking, you, the owner of the group, will be the one facing any wrath that results from the action.

Realize that your customers are looking for what’s best for them.  Stay classy with positive posts showing them the benefits of what you have to offer.  Don’t send any links to anyone without permission and don’t add anyone to a group or event without permission.  Privately asking someone if they would like to be a part of your group will take you a lot further than spamming the “Add” button.


2 thoughts on “How Your Facebook Group Is Hurting Your Business

  1. It’s called the Unfollow button. Or if they don’t like the group they have the option to leave it on their own. As an Admin groups we have the option to add not invite. FB Fan page we have the option to invite. All in all is this FB writing this article or someone that just created these words to bitch?

    1. Hi John! Thanks for your input. No, this is not Facebook writing this blog. I’m not affiliated with Facebook beyond having my own profile, pages, and groups.

      This post is actually intended to provide helpful information to those who may be using Facebook Groups as a marketing tool. My apologies if you interpreted it as anything else. As a writer, I observe my surroundings and write what I know. In this instance, I had observed several of my friends, family, and many other people posting daily about how dissatisfied they were about being added to groups without their permission. To them, it is as frustrating as ending up on a telemarketing list without consent.

      Yes, it is simple to leave a group. However, many of these people feel that they shouldn’t have to take an extra action when it was rude to spam invite them in the first place. With a page, you can invite and then they choose to accept or not. Whereas with groups, they are just a part of the group once added.

      As an entrepreneur I wish success for anyone starting or running their own business. This post is about being respectful of your potential customers and keeping things classy. I wish you the best with all of your endeavors and hope you are able to find a marketing strategy that works for you.

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